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Tokyo Day 8 Part 2 — Kabukicho and Host Bars

After our tour of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (Tokyo Day 8 Part 1), we wandered around Tokyo’s red light district, Kabukicho. We were walking aimlessly in Kabuki-cho trying to find a place to eat when we chanced upon a quite alley with large posters of men with spiky hair – the the type of men [...]

Tokyo Day 8 Part 1 — Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Free Volunteer Tour, Shinjuku

The day before, we spent our time in exploring the streets of Shinjuku (Tokyo Day 7 Part 1), the beautiful Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden (Tokyo Day 7 Part 2) and Marui Young Shinjuku (MaruiOne) department store (Tokyo Day 7 Part 3). The Tokyo Tourist Information Centre is at the first floor of Tokyo Metropolitan Government [...]