Tokyo Day 2 Part 2 — Chuo Dori, Ginza

After our visit to Tsukiji Market (Tokyo Day 2 Part 1), we went to Ginza. Train Station: Ginza.

We got to at Ginza at 10:30 am.

Ginza clock

This traffic light near Mitsukoshi Ginza played a fast musical tune each time the green man was on.

Traffic light near Mitsukoshi Ginza

Hi-Tech Toilet – Otohime Sound Princess

I needed to use the bathroom so I went to the one at Mitsukoshi. Strangely, when I got into the toilet cubicle, an accommodating lady welcomed me to my Kingdom of Privacy. Birds were chirping merrily, anticipating my royal pee and, as I rested my bum on the warm toilet seat, a waterfall started gushing (ha!) about the sinuous fluidity of my urine. How weirdly comforting.

Luckily, this lady and her entourage of eager birds and flowing waterfall existed only as a recording in a device at the side of the WC. Yup, I just had my virgin experience with a Sound Princess (otohime). Apparently only female toilets are fitted with these devices, which drown unsavoury bodily noises by playing a more socially-accepted sound. I can finally fart in total comfort. Thanks Japan! ^-^

Pedestrian Heaven

We witnessed the closing of Chuo Dori(Chuo Road) to vehicular traffic at noon. I believe the sign says the road is closed on Saturday and Sundays from 1200-1800 from April to September and 1200-1700 from October to March.

Ginza, Chuo Road closing times

Left picture shows officers placing barricades and directing the last few vehicles away from Chuo Dori. Right picture taken a few minutes later.

Chuo Dori Closing

Here’s a view of the part of Chuo Dori that was closed off to vehicles. Pedestrian heaven!

Pedestrian on Chuo Dori street in Ginza

Canopied patio sets laid out in the middle of the road provided folks a shaded retreat from the manic shopping crowd jostling on the pavement.

Chuo Dori

We sat at one of the seats on the road and ate sushi bought from Mitsukoshi. We couldn’t find a rubbish bin to throw the empty boxes again!

Next, we visited Odaiba Marine Park (Tokyo Day 2 Part 3).

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