Tokyo Day 4 Part 1 — Tokyo Station, Imperial Palace, Marunouchi

Yesterday we visited Yoyogi Park (Tokyo Day 3 Part 1), saw cosplayers strutting their stuff at Jingu Bashi, Harajuku (Tokyo Day 3 Part 2), watch maid cafe maids and cosplayers on the street of Akihabara (Tokyo Day 3 Part 3) before ending the day watching the night skyline from Tokyo City View at Mori Tower, Roppongi Hills(Tokyo Day 3 Part 4).

Today we’re starting the day with a visit to Tokyo Station. Train Station: Tokyo.

To get to Tokyo Station from Shinjuku, you can take the Chuo Line (Rapid) which is faster because there are fewer stops.  If you can, avoid taking the train at the main stations between 7.30 and 9.30 in the morning and 4.30 and 7pm in the evening.

Here’s JR Shinjuku at 7 plus. In case you forget, everyone walks very fast in Tokyo so it’s easy to get swept by the human current!

Shinjuku station crowd rushing during the peak hour

We decided to walk around Shinjuku first to find a place to eat. We ate at a quiet hole in the wall on a small alley.

This is the colourful exterior of a pachinko (pinball machine) parlour called Green Peas.

Colourful Green Peas pachinko parlour in Shinjuku

Japan’s really big on recycling and trash management. Drink cans to be recycled at the side of the streets can be seen everywhere.

Aluminium drink cans to be recycled

We proceeded to Tokyo Station after that. Tokyo Station is a handsome building with red-brick walls.

Tokyo train station

Across the road from the station, there is a beautiful square full of ginkgo trees with the yellowest of leaves.

Ginkgo Trees in Autumn near Tokyo Station and Imperial Palace

Against a very deep blue sky, the colours looked surreal.

Yellow Leaves in Autumn, Tokyo

The Imperial Palace framed nicely by the leaves of autumn.

Imperial Palace framed by yellow ginkgo leaves

At an adjacent park, we saw a lot of women eating their lunch from bento boxes alone. It was a perfect day  fora picnic.  ^_^

Next up, we’re going to Akihabara (Tokyo Day 4 Part 2).

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