Tokyo Day 5 Part 1 — Icho Namiki, Aoyama

Yesterday we saw a square of beautiful ginkgo trees near the Imperial Palace at Tokyo Station (Tokyo Day 4 Part 1), then we browsed a couple of stores at Radio Kaikan near Akihabara Station (Tokyo Day 4 Part 2), after which we went people-watching at the busy junction in Shibuya (Tokyo Day 4 Part 3).

Today we stated the day with a visit to Icho Namiki, Aoyama. Train Station: Aoyama-Itchome

In the morning, we took a trip to Aoyama see the ginkgo avenue of Icho Namiki. The place looked very pretty bathed in the morning light but the leaves had not turned as yellow as the ones near Tokyo station.

Ginkgo avenue Icho namiki, Aoyama

We saw a crew filming a drama.One of the crew members was brewing something on a portable stove. I got kind of hungry. There were no food stalls nearby, only vending machines.

Icho Namiki, Aoyama vending machine

There’s really nothing much else to see here but it would be nice to just sit on a bench here and watch the world slowly go by..

Aoyama Icho Namiki bench

…but we had plans — we’re going Akiba again! This time to shop!

Next up, shopping in Akihabara (Tokyo Day 5 Part 2)!

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[...] we went to the ginkgo-lined avenue Icho Namiki at Aoyama (Tokyo Day 5 Part 1) before heading over to Akihabara for a spot of shopping (Tokyo Day 5 Part [...]

[...] we were at Icho Namiki, the ginkgo avenue at Aoyama (Tokyo Day 5 Part 1). We now visit to Akihabara. Train Station: [...]

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