Tokyo Day 6 Part 2 — Omotesando, Harajuku

After checking out the stores at Takeshita Dori near Harajuku Station (Tokyo Day 6 Part 1), we took a short walk over to Omotesando.

Omotesando Boulevard

Omotesando Boulevard is a 1-kilometre luxury shopping belt lined with ginkgo trees. The place is also known as Tokyo’s Champs-Elysees (there’s even a sign with this title).


One of the first stores to greet you is Kiddyland, a shop full of dolls, toys, games, action figures, and other knick knacks for kids and the young at heart.

Pierre Herme mini collection Re-ment display at Kiddyland.

Pierre Herme Re-ment collection at Kiddyland, Omotesando, Harajuku

Oriental Bazaar

A few steps away from Kiddyland is Oriental Bazaar, a the place to buy local souvenirs. The prices of some if the similar items are slightly more expensive than the goods from Laox at Akihabara, but Oriental Bazaar also have a few other stuff not available at Laox.

Oriental Bazaar Omotesando

A lot of luxury brands along the stretch, like Cartier and Prada.

Cartier and Prada buildings at Omotesando

Hanae Mori is one of Japan’s most famous fashion designer, .

Hanae Mori, Omotesando, Harajuku, Tokyo

The trees made the place look pretty but it was not as charming as we’d expected it to be but if you like shopping for luxury goods, this is the place for you.

Omotesando Boulevard Luxury Shopping Belt

La Foret

On the way back to Harajuku Station, we stopped by at La Foret.

La Foret, Harajuku

You can find girly and sweet Lolita brands such as Liz Lisa, Angelic Pretty and Emily Temple Cute.

Emily Temple Cute at La Foret

We noticed that shopkeepers tend to shout “Irashaimase” (welcome) when they detect customers within a 3-metre radius. It’s a nice touch, but it felt kind of weird when they do it with their backs facing you. Do the salesgirls have built-in special motion sensors? ^-^

Our next stop – Shibuya (Tokyo Day 6 Part 3).

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