Tokyo Day 6 Part 3 — Tokyu Hands, Loft, Shibuya 109, Tsutaya

After our walk in Omotesando, Harajuku (Tokyo Day 6 Part 2), we decided to explore Shibuya further. Train Station: Shibuya

Center Gai

Centre Gai is a narrow street with a variety of shops and restaurants. It’s the main artery to other parts of Shibuya. To get here, go towards the direction of the huge video screen at Shibuya crossing. The entrance is near the left side of the screen.

Centre Gai Shibuya, crowd in the day

Shibuya 109

If Shibuya is the most fashionable part of Tokyo, Shibuya 109 is probably its heart. Everyone here, both shoppers and salesgirls alike, looked like they’d just step out of the pages of Ranzuki magazine – tanned with long and wavy bleached blonde hair, thick black eyeliner and pale lip gloss. I saw a hot young mother with her three year old daughter and they were both dressed in similar fashion (sans make-up for the girl)!

Shibuya 109, latest clothing and accessories store in fashionable Shibuya

Eating in Shibuya

We had lunch at Italian Tomato Cafe Jr. I wanted to take a break from eating Japanese food. ^_^

Italian Tomato Cafe Jr., Shibuya

Italian Tomato Cafe Jr. Pasta lunch menu 650-680 yen.

Italian Tomato Cafe Jr. menu, Shibuya

Desserts 430 yen each, pasta 730-1080 yen, pizza 880-1130 yen

Italian Tomato Cafe Jr. dishes

Another restaurant. Top dishes 570 – 690 yen; bottom dishes soba 690 yen, chicken and veg set 690 yen.

Japanese food, Shibuya

Tenya tempura set from 500 yen.

Tenya tempura, Shibuya

And more food. 840-924 yen.

Food menu, Shibuya, Tokyo

Tokyo Hands

Tokyu Hands is a craft supplies store. All kinds of materials for DIY projects can be obtained here – a good stop for hobbyists. Most of the shoppers were women in their late 20s-40s.

Tokyu Hands Creative Life Store, Shibuya - DIY supplies for crafster and hobbyists

They sell a lot of wigs and costumes here too.

Wigs in Tokyu Hands, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyu Hands, Shibuya costumes - cheongsam, policewoman, French Maid

I had my first experience with a traditional squat toilet at Tokyu Hands. Having used so many fancy toilets here, it took a little getting use to. >_<” In fact, I couldn’t poop properly till I transferred to a cubicle with a Washlet® – a toilet bowl with a built-in bidet system.


After that we went to Loft, a store dedicated to crafts, gifts and odds and ends for the house. It felt like a trendier version of Tokyu Hands. The crowd was also the younger, arty types.

Loft at Shibuya - DIY supplies for crafster and hobbyists

More costumes here. French maid costumes from 6930 yen.

Schoolgirl. doctor, French maid costumes at Loft, Shibuya

Spain Slope

A short slope called called Spain Slope because it resembles a Spanish street. You can see Parco in the background.

Spain Slope, Shibuya, Tokyo


We browsed through the floors of Tsutaya, a complex selling DVDs and comics. They also sell second-hand DVDs and CDs. Starbucks Coffee is at this building.

Tsutaya, Shibuya, Tokyo

A little Engrish in Tokyo. “Recommend!! Cinema is the entertainment that support your experience. Try to these our favorite cinemas, and enjoy your life!!” I didn’t know that!!

Engrish, Tsutaya DVD, Shibuya, Tokyo

Centre Gai at night.

Shibuya Center Gai at night

At about 7:30 pm, we went to the depachika at Tokyu Plaza, near Shibuya Station, with hopes to buy some marked down sushi. We found out that the store closes at 9, and seeing that it would be a long wait we decided to head back to Shinjuku.

Back in Shinjuku, with no time to loose, we made a dash for Odakyu basement. There was a crazy selection of wonderful food. The best part was, the shopkeepers were already pasting discount stickers on most of them! I got pushed twice by ruthless obasans who were also there for a bargain. Beware of merciless aunties at closing time, folks!

The next day, we walked around the streets of Shinjuku (Tokyo Day 7 Part 1), visited the beautiful Shinjuku Gyoen (Tokyo Day 7 Part 2) and Marui Young floors at MaruiOne Shinjuku (Tokyo Day 7 Part 3)

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