Tokyo Day 7 Part 1 — Images of Shinjuku

The day before we explored Takeshita Dori where the cool Harajuku Kids shop (Tokyo Day 6 Part 1), the Champs-Élysées of Tokyo, Omotesando Boulevard (Tokyo Day 6 Part 2) and fashionable Shibuya (Tokyo Day 6 Part 3).

We started the day today with a walk around Shinjuku.

The view from our Oakwood Apartment Shinjuku. The buildings are are mostly off-white, grey or brown.

The view from Oakwood Apartment Shinjuku - Buildings in Shinjuku

Tiny garbage truck, good for navigating the narrow back alleys.

Garbage man and truck, at an alley in Shinjuku

Parked trikes. Not sure who uses them.

Shinjuku Three-Wheel Covered Trikes

One of the streets we’d gotten used to seeing everyday. The man is on a three-wheeled scooter. Ah maybe the trikes are used by delivery men?

Shinjuku Street, man on three wheel bike

Bikes must only be parked at designated areas. The parked bicycle law enforcer ensures that. ^-^

Bicycle parking attendant

We passed by this place three times and I ended with three packets of tissue paper, given by the girl in white.

Tissue paper girl, neon signs backdrop, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Did we forget to mention that there are numerous vending machines here? At this quiet street alone there were 5 — all from Coca-Cola.

Drink vending machines, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Two women with trolley bags. Still an unsolved mystery. The old man and lady on the right were buying drinks from a vending machine.

Tokyo street scene - Shinjuku neon signs in the day, two Japanese women with trolley bags

No rubbish bin? Improvise – Two (unrelated) salary men threw their empty drink cans into the basket of this bicycle. I don’t think the owner would be pleased, though! ^0^

Tokyo bicycle trash bin

You are not allowed to smoke on the streets. The no-smoking-while-walking officer will ensure that. ^_^

No smoking on the streets of Tokyo officer

I think the thing I miss most about Tokyo is the little quirks and people that make the place.

We went to Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden (Tokyo Day 7 Part 2) to enjoy the autumn colours next.

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