Map of Europe and List of European Countries

Where on Earth is Europe?

Geographically, Europe is situated at the westernmost peninsula of the continent of Eurasia. Politically, Europe comprises countries in the European Union. The big mass of land of the left (physically located near the continent of North America) is Greenland, a self-governing province of Denmark.

Europe, World Map

Map of European Countries

Map not to scale, Iceland is much farther than illustrated here. Not shown on this map – Kazakhstan (south of Russia) and Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan (East of Turkey).
Map of Europe showing European Countries

Turkey Italy Sardinia France Corsica Monaco Andorra Malta Cyprus Greece FYRO Macedonia Albania Montenegro Bulgaria Serbia Bosnia and Herzegovina Croatia Romania Moldova Hungary Slovenia Vatican City San Marino Italy Slovakia Austria Switzerland Portugal Spain Luxembourg France Belgium Czech Republic Germany Netherlands Denmark Turkey Poland Ukraine Belarus Lithuania Latvia Estonia Russia Finland Sweden Norway Iceland Ireland United Kingdom Liechtenstein

Countries of Europe – List of Sovereign States and Capital Cities

List of sovereign states using official short name in English, followed by ISO 2-letter and 3-letter country code (which may be different from IOC 3-letter country code enclosed in brackets) and capital cities in Europe. This list does not include non-sovereign, partially-recognised or unrecognized republics, territories or regions.

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Albania AL, ALB – Tirana
Andorra AD, AND – Andorra la Vella
Armenia AM, ARM – Yerevan
Austria AT, AUT – Vienna
Azerbaijan AZE – Baku

Belarus BY, BLR – Minsk
Belgium BE, BEL – Brussels
Bosnia and Herzegovina BI, BIH- Sarajevo
Bulgaria BG, BGR (BUL)- Sofia

Croatia HR, HRV (CRO) – Zagreb
Cyprus CY, CYP- Nicosia
Czech Republic CZ, CZE- Prague

Denmark DK, DNK (DEN)- Copenhagen

Estonia EE, EST – Tallinn

Finland FI, FIN- Helsinki
France FR, FRA- Paris

Georgia GE, GEO – Tbilisi
Germany DE, DEU (GER)- Berlin
Greece GR, GRC (GRE) – Athens

Hungary HU, HUN- Budapest

Iceland IS, ISL- Reykjavík
Ireland IE, IRL – Dublin
Italy IT, ITA – Rome

Kazakhstan KZ, KAZ – Astana

Latvia LV, LVA (LAT) – Riga
Liechtenstein LI, LIE – Vaduz
Lithuania LT, LTU – Vilnius
Luxembourg LU, LUX – Luxembourg

Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of MK, MKD – Skopje
Malta MT, MLT- Valletta
Moldova MD, MDA – Chinsinau
Monaco MC, MCO (MON) – Monaco
Montenegro ME, MNE – Podgorica

Netherlands NL, NLD (NED)- Amsterdam
Norway NO, NOR- Oslo

Poland PL, POL- Warsaw
Portugal PT, PRT (POR) – Lisbon
Romania RO, ROU- Bucharest
Russian Federation RU, RUS – Moscow

San Marino SM, SMR – San Marino
Serbia RS, SRB – Belgrade
Slovakia SK, SVK- Bratislava
Slovenia SI, SVN (SLO) – Ljubljana
Spain ES, ESP- Madrid
Sweden SE, SWE- Stockholm
Switzerland CH, CHE (SUI) – Bern

Turkey TR, TUR – Ankara

Ukraine UA, UKR- Kiev
United Kingdom* GB, GBR – London

Vatican City VA – Vatican City

*The United Kingdom is composed of the constituent countries England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

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List of European Countries on Wikipedia

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