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Places to visit, things to see in London, UK. Here are some attractions. We’ll start with the expected tourist locations first. :)

These fantastic Creative Commons-licensed photos are taken from Flickr, clicking the image or name with direct you to the owner’s Flickr page.

Clock Tower aka Big Ben

The Clock Tower (aka the Big Ben) at the Palace of Westminster, the world’s biggest four-faced chiming clock. Big Ben is actually the nickname of the main bell housed within the tower.

Big Ben Tower Clock Westminster Palace - photo by Pedro Guridi
Photo by Pedro Guridi (share alike)

Westminster Abbey and Palace of Westminster

Below is a picture of Westminster Abbey (left) and Westminster Palace (Houses of Parliament) (right). The ground is marked as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Westminster Abbey, photo by René Ehrhardt
Photo by Rene Ehrhardt

Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge a suspension bridge over the River Thames, is of one London’s iconic symbol. It is sometimes mistakenly referred to as the London Bridge, which is nearby.

London Tower Bridge - photo by Tanya Hart
Photo by Tanya Hart (share alike)

Banksy Grafitti

We may give the British Museum and Tate Modern a miss and instead go hunting for the works of British street graffiti artist, Banksy, which are littered across various locations in London. :)

Banksy Sweeping Maid - photo by Fabio Venni
Photo by Fabio Venni (share alike)

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