The World’s Top 25 Most Liveable Cities in 2008

And the winner is … Copenhagen, Denmark.

Clowning around in Copenhagen, photo by Chuck Patch

Why so serious? Clowning around in Copenhagen, photo by Chuck Patch

Here’s the list of the top 25 most liveable cities in the world 2008 according to the July/August 2008 issue of Monocle:

  1. Copenhagen
  2. Munich
  3. Tokyo
  4. Zürich
  5. Helsinki
  6. Vienna
  7. Stockholm
  8. Vancouver
  9. Melbourne
  10. Paris
  11. Sydney
  12. Honolulu
  13. Madrid
  14. Berlin
  15. Barcelona
  16. Montréal
  17. Fukuoka
  18. Amsterdam
  19. Minneapolis
  20. Kyoto
  21. Hamburg
  22. Singapore
  23. Geneva
  24. Lisbon
  25. Portland

Cities were ranked based on the following criteria:

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