Austria is Not in Europe

Phone conversation with a travel agent.

M: I need an Eurail Global pass.
TA: Where are you going to?
M: A couple of countries.
TA: I need to know which countries so I can advice you on which pass to get.
M: I’m going all over Europe and I’m pretty sure I need a global pass.
TA: Which countries?
M: France, Italy, Germany, Austria…
TA: You can’t go to Austria.
M: Sorry?
TA: Eurail pass is for travel in Europe only, not Austria.
M: Austria, not Australia.
TA: No, no. You can go Europe, but you cannot go to both Europe and Austria.
M: But Austria is in Europe.
TA: Er… *pause* I’m new here. Let me get someone else to speak to you.


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