Europe By Rail Day 2 : London Part 4 – Camden Town, Piccadilly Circus, The West End

This morning, we checked out of easyHotel. We left our bags at the hotel @ £5 for 2 items.

We had a quick breakfast from Sainsbury for £2.99. We thought it was an okay deal till we realised that Marks & Spencer’s had a similar breakfast deal for only £2.

After breakfast, we set on for Camden. There was a large crowd waiting to get to Victoria line. Only a smalla small group of passengers were allowed to pass through the ticket gates at a time. After waiting for a bit, we decided to take an alternative route to Camden.

Camden Town

We got to Camden a bit too early as most shops weren’t open yet. You can find the usual tourist souvenirs such as magnets and t-shirts quite cheaply here. We walk through some of the stalls at the market but did not find anything that caught our fancy. It is also probably too early punk heads to hang out there as we only saw one.

Piccadilly Circus

After that we went to Piccadilly Circus. Piccadilly Circus is a road junction which connects the the major shopping street of Piccadilly, Regent Street, theatres on Shaftesbury Avenue, as well as Haymarket, Coventry Street (onwards to Leicester Square), and Glasshouse Street. It is also the place where you’d see the neon and animated LED advertisements for Coca-Cola, TDK, Sanyo, McDonald’s and Samsung, among others. I’ve heard Piccadilly Circus being referred to as the “TDK-Sanyo junction” once. ^_^

There were a lot of loud Barcelona Football Club fans singing and showing their FC banners at the circus (there’s a match between Barca and Arsenal later tonight). A couple of cars that passed by these Spaniard started blasting their car horns, rolled their windows down and started chanting their own football anthems. These were the Arsenal fans.

There are lots of food options in the West End — including Italian, Chinese and halal kebab shops. We used the public toilet, which was clean and free, a fact that has to be stated because generally in Europe, you have to pay anything from 30c to 2 euros to use the loo. -_-”

There were a lot of people just laying on the slightly damp grass in the park. The grass is needle-like but soft and inviting as opposed to the larger, rougher warm season centipede grass in the parks in most of Southeast Asia. Now we know why people would just sit on the lawn in a park. It’s the grass! I fell asleep on the bench while Dari went to take some pictures around the area.

We took an impromptu shortcut through some building and got a picture opp with of guard. There were also guards on horses outside. The horses needed to move a few steps periodically. The area stank really bad cos the shelter was full of horse piss and crap. We continued walking till we got to side of the River that was directly across the London Eye for a couple more pictures. After that we made our way back to Victoria Station to retrieve all our bags from the hotel. We’re going to take a ferry to the Netherlands tonight.

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