Macau to Hong Kong International Airport on TurboJET — Sailing Schedule 2010

One way to get from Macau to Hong Kong International Airport is by TurboJET. The journey takes roughly an hour, not including the check-in of 1 additional hour before sailing time.

Our Experience on the Macau – HKIA on the TurboJET Ferry

We took the Turbojet from Macau to Hong Kong International Airport last week. Our flight was at 8.15pm and we got to the Macau Ferry Terminal (HK-Macau Ferry Pier) at around noon to purchase our tickets. The lady at the ticket counter requested to see our flight details and suggested the 5.15pm ferry (our flight is at 8.30pm). She assured us there will be enough time as the ride is less than 1hour, meaning we’ll reach the Skypier at about 6.15pm. Our passports and flight details were taken before our ferry boarding passes were given to us, with our names printed on them.

We were told to check in an hour before our sailing time, ie. 4.15pm, so we had some time to explore the nearby Fisherman’s Wharf. The gate to the waiting area opened at about 4.10pm and after a brief check of tickets and passports, we proceeded to Gate 11 as told. Note that the signs pointing to Gate were marked “Chek Lap Kok Airport”, the colloquial name for Hong Kong International Airport.

After waiting for what seemed an eternity in a freezing cold waiting area, we got into the ferry. A staff told us to place our hand-carried luggage at a small storage area the front of the vessel, a TriCat. There were also some overhead compartments for bags but these were filled up quickly. There were two toilets at the economy class area. Our seats were comfortable. The TV was on, but volume was kept low, so we had no problem dozing off.

The ship sailed about 15 minutes behind time, so we reached the HKIA Skypier at about 6.35 pm. After a confusing few minutes trying to locate the Jetstar counter, a lady at the Air Asia counter called to Dari to proceed to her counter for boarding passes for our flights. We were also given a tax refund chit (120HKD each, you get this refund at a counter at a corner near the escalator after the immigration checks. A few short minutes on the Automated People Mover to the passenger terminal and we’re in the boarding area by 7.10pm, with just enough breathing time for our 7.30 boarding.

TurboJET Sailing Schedule 2010

This is taken from a card available at their counter. Sailing times for vessels to and from these routes:  HKIA – Macau; HKIA – Guangzhou (Nansha);  Macau – Shekou;  Macau -Shenzhen Airport. For details and more updated information, please check out the TurboJET’s website.

Turbojet ferry schedule - time table for sailing for Macau to and from Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), Shenzhen Airport, Shekou, Guangzhou (Nansha)

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