Sentosa Flowers 2011 — Spring Wonderland

Sentosa Flowers 2011

Who is crazy enough to visit Sentosa during a public holiday in Singapore? We are! We visited the Sentosa Flowers 2011 on the second day of Chinese New Year!

Here’s a little information about Sentosa Flowers 2011 from the official website:

“Sentosa Flowers is the most celebrated flower exhibition during Chinese New Year. Known as “Chun Jie” or “Life flourishes in Spring” in Mandarin, this event signifies an auspicious beginning to the year. Sentosa Flowers floral extravaganza returns for the sixth time to usher in the Lunar New Year. This year, Sentosa Flowers is themed “Spring Wonderland” as Spring is considered the most beautiful season of all. Most flowers bloom during this time and they come in all colours of the rainbow.”

Sentosa Boardwalk

The Sentosa Flowers experience starts from the recently opened Sentosa Boardwalk, located near VivoCity shopping mall. There are signs in the shopping mall with directions to the boardwalk.

Sentosa Boardwalk, which opened in late January 2011, connects Vivocity waterfront promenade to Sentosa Island. It is free to use and has a covered walkway with a two-way travellator.

Sentosa Boardwalk, which officially opened in late January 2011, connects VivoCity waterfront promenade to Sentosa Island. The boardwalk  is free to use and has a covered walkway with two-way travellators. To get into Sentosa Island, you have to pay the island admission fee, which is $1 by foot via the boardwalk. You can use your transit EZ-link card for payment at the gate.
The Sentosa Flowers 2011 experience starts at the newly opened Sentosa Boarwalk

Sentosa Boardwalk is lined with flowers for the Sentosa Flowers extravaganza

Sentosa Boardwalk is dotted with clusters of colorful flowers

Sentosa Flowers

Before visiting the flower festival, you will need to manage your expectations.The weather in Singapore can be quite hot and wet right now and most often than not it is both hot and wet outside, this being the rainy season in Singapore. If you happen to descend upon Sentosa on a public holiday like we did, it would most definitely be very crowded too. Wear comfortable footwear, light clothing and carry an umbrella.

The posters promoting this event include pictures of never-ending carpets of tulips and other flowers on rolling hills in a plethora of rainbow colors but be warned that this is no Keukenhof and the only tulip blooms you’ll actually get to see are giant 2.5m fibre-glass ones at Imbiah Lookout. It is still a quite a fun way to spend some time with the family outdoors.

Not real tulips, but these visitors don't seem to mind

Giant Tulips at Sentosa Flowers 2011: Not real tulips, but these visitors don’t seem to mind

Resorts World Sentosa FestiveWalk

After the Boardwalk, we made our way to Resorts World Sentosa area to continue to check out the flowers around FestiveWalk. You can see the gigantic Fortune Rabbit there, opposite the Universal Studios entrance. Standing 4 .5 storeys or 14 metres high, it is the largest and tallest topiary rabbit is one the centrepiece of Resorts World Sentosa’s Lunar New Year celebrations.

So huge, it can't fit into the frame

So huge, it can't fit into the frame

Green and yellow chrysanthemums at Festive Walk.

Resorts Worlds Sentosa Festive walk - button pom pom Yoko Ono green chrysanthemums

Resorts Worlds Sentosa Festivewalk crowd

Crowd near the Lake of Dreams.

Resorts World Sentosa Singapore - crowd near the Lake of Dreams

Resorts World Sentosa logo fully covered in real roses. Oh, and real mandarin oranges plant. Some of the fruits have been plucked off the tree, we suspect by the end of the week, all the fruits may be gone.


Imbiah Lookout

There were too many people around Merlion Plaza, so we didn’t take much photos there. We made our way to Imbiah Lookout next. This section has the most number of flowers.

Sentosa Island flower festival

Yellow flowers…

Sentosa Flowers Festival 2011 - yellow blooms at Sentosa Island

Bunches of pink flowers.

Sentosa Flowers festival 2011 on Chinese New Year - purple and pink blooms

Photo cropped to give a feeling of abundance

Colorful flowers at Sentosa, cropped to give a feeling of abundance

Sentosa Flower festival 2011

Wide view - it's just a bush

Fragrant lilies surrounding the fake giant tulips.

Sentosa Flowers Singapore - Lilies

It’s the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit, so you’ll see a lot of bunny statues like this one which looks like it’s going to naturally fertilize some of the flowers there.

Sentosa Flowers - Year of the Rabbit 2011 - Spring Wonderland

Sentosa Flowers Spring Wonderland 2011

Real flowers framed by larger fake ones.

Sentosa Flowers festival 2011 on Chinese New Year celebrating the year of the Rabbit

On our way back… we took the travellator to VivoCity. A lot of people were still making their way to Sentosa Island via the boardwalk at 6pm. Visiting hours are extended to 10pm for this period.

Magical Tree at Sentosa Boardwalk

"Images of event highlights are artists' impression only." The Magical Tree doesn't look so magical here.

Sentosa Flowers is a free event but you’ll need to pay Sentosa Island admission and transportation charges at prevailing rates. If you’re going into the island by foot, like we did, you can use your EZ-link card to pay for the admission fee at the gate, which is $1.

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