About Mari Dari

Mari Dari documents our trips around the world. Right now we’re in the process of planning our next trip, most likely to Europe. Research done for and lessons learned on our trips will be shared on this blog. Unless otherwise indicated, the maps created for this website are licensed as:
Creative Commons License
That is, you may use them “as is” on your website for non-commercial use, provided you link back to this website. We can not guarantee the accuracy of the maps though (see disclaimer).

Most of the posts are written by Mari and most of the journal entry pictures are taken by Dari. The rest of the fantastic images you see in our posts are Creative Commons-licensed photos taken from Flickr. You may click the image or the photographer’s name below the image to go directly to the photo’s page on Flickr. Guide on using non-copyrighted photos from Flickr.
The maps shown here is for the purpose showing the relative distances between areas of interest and airports. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of these maps. The information gathered and presented on this website is collected from various sources and is accurate according to the sources at the time of publishing. In using this website, you are in agreement that we will not be held responsible for a disappointing vacation that is caused by using the information given here.

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